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Ahhh Mexico! I’ve been here a few times but to be honest, it’s never been one of the places that I couldn’t wait to get back to… I don’t know, maybe it’s the not wanting to eat and drink anything but boiled meat and beer from a bottle so as not to get that thing […]

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I just got back from NY playing a little private gig with Glenn Frey. I always like to go to NY especially when I’m not the one paying for the grossly overpriced EVERYTHING. I kinda wish we had more time there but a little bit of NY is better than none at all. I did […]

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Well, it’s no secret that Dwight has a lot of fans up near Fresno…I really like playing Fairs. They’re set up for the sole purpose of folks having a great time! I love walking around and checking out all the games… I’ve won many stuffed creatures by shooting hoops!… The crowd was really loud and alive […]

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